Graphic proof

though they aren't good pictures, at least make up for my lack of giving an account of the facts….

So, from this…….



…we went through this……



and this…….



…also work hard on this……


oh well…..maybe not *that* hard LOL

Will edit more pics, our neighbor, Gary, kept his word and came over the weekend to do the wall papering… looks amazing, but we still have some work to do (as I commited the mistake to buy one coat paint….we ll have to gove another (coat, tyes, dont even ask) and we are doing it ourselves… body cannot take too much at one time.

I need to quit smoking. I need to start eating well again. I need to get out of here now or my back and legs wont answer me tomorrow….

Miss you all

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in the process of moving blogs, so more will come later
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