Our 30 days Makeover……

….for our living room is well on its way. That 's the main reason of my disapearence from all things computer based….we moved the PC into a cupboard, but the rest is chaos (well, everything piled up in the middle, but we wouldn't give up the TV viewing so….)

I miss everyone and I honestly want to come and read but every day that finishes feels like a victory over my body which I dont want to wreck…..I'm not feeling all that well right now as it goes. (sickness and all other pain related stuff, you know) I have also tons of things to write about, but canot stay long right now as we have no curtains, and I feel kind of exposed and have paranoias of people with telescopes trying to read what I write from across the gardens….. (though I doubt many would find this interesting…)

Miss you all, Voxers and non Voxers,


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in the process of moving blogs, so more will come later
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