About the EvilEye, still eating Devil’s bread and…..

…..other satanical related misadventures.

It sounds a bit extreme, I know, but if you were in my shoes (well, more like in my bed, I was just waking up to the second day of the worse flu in years) this morning,I'm quiet sure your opinion would match mine.

There is one person here I know will understand fully, my dear Sister in Soul, Mrs Volonakis Davis , as she has written about this too (a lot better than anything I could produce, I should also say). I grew up under the (very) intense influence of my mother, a marvelous woman, much loved by us (family) and most who come to cross her path but (oh yes, there is allways a but with mothers…) , equally intense in her believes. I know, it doesn't sound wrong somehow, but when your life is ruled by the thought of what others are thinking, and this thought tends to lean onto the assersion that each and everyone is green eyed and malicious…..well….some of that will sure rub on you. It certainly stucked to me. That's one of the main reasons why I don't like to blog totally public, and, though I love Vox and have no feelings of negative energy around here, there is one place I have chosen not to visit too often, though I keep a profile there because I can keep in touch with a lot of the Brazilian people who wouldn't dare venturing here in Vox: the Orkut site.

So, appart from not being well health wise, the depression before and over Christmas, the busy schedule of college, Sarita's performances et all, something happened around (if I'm not mistaken) september, related to my house in Trancoso. the people who are dealing with it did not do so in the best way, I got thoroughly pissed off and, once again, had that very strong feeling that some people are (not their fault in most cases) thick and probably think I'm loaded purely by the fact of having taken residence in England, and some others just "love" us because of this (the fact that they think we have money).I then decided to not visit the Orkut simply to avoid heartburn and high bloood preasure (she said to herself, but the evil eye thingy was lurking in the back of her mind).

So yesterday I thought: I'm feeling better (the flu wasn't as bad as today and that, I was sure, had to do not with satanical influences but with my daughter's school) , let's go say hi to the Trancoso's family………

big mistake.

This morning I got in the post a letter from some retail company, the ones who deal with my sofa delivery, which should be happening this week, telling me in very nice wording, legally covering themselves by the word (***I hate them, I hate them, I hate them) *anticipate*, that I would be lucky if they call me on the second of March with some distant date for the actual delivery.

So, you see, nothing in my blooming life happens without that *till the last minute* fight, not without eating the bread the devil kneaded. Not only that, but some heavy expenses on the telephone, in something which reminded me (so sourely) of my trying to get through to Comet when the *confussion* with the delivery, connection (or NOT) and ruining the kitchen floor when I bought my dishwasher.

Your call is important to us , of course, we have a contract with the devil who happens to run BT and he gives us some pennies for every idiot we get on the line,you have been placed in a queue and will be attended soon, meanwhile we delight you with the devil's offspring music, isn't Britney nice? , or, alternatively, you can call us again later….and then pay again the connection fee ..yupppeeeee666!!!!!!!!!

After 9 or 10 calls (I lost count on the 7th), I got them to cancel the operation, being assured that I could pop into the store now and the money would be refunded. (I payed cash). After this (some 2 and a half to 3 hours) I asked Sarita (who didn't go to school as she too has the flu) to turn the PC on to have a look at sofas. Problem was, we payed the Boxing Day sale price, which was a reduction after a reduction, plus the 10% discount on everything in store running that day…..even with full refund we couldn't, not without saving for another 6 to 8 months, buy a sofa of that size and quality. My hurry, you may be wondering?

We are expecting a family of 4 arriving from Buenos Aires, Argentina, in mid March. One of my very, very best friends,Marta,and Gabriel, her hubbie, plus the girls, 22 and 19 years old. These people are very dear to me. I was Marta & Gabriel's Celestine when he couldn't gather the courage to ask her out, whilst she kept going blind every time he came into the room….we are life time friends, some 30 something years of friendship in which they were with me even when I was in my most craziest of times (at least by their standarts).

But even if I was not expecting people….why would I have to wait another month plus, when the delivery was promised for 28 days, maximum 35? They said that *due to high demand*, they did not have any of those sofas in stock…..

Right. I got in the car with Sarita and when we get there, there it was, the same York sofa which lured us into buying something more expensive than we had thought, the same York sofa we have been dreaming about whilst steaming the walls and painting and stiching material to cover it….

I want that one. I said.

But that's the display one……  he says.

I don't care. I'm not gonna go rushing into DFS or Furniture Village to spend even more money,wait more time, no no no no no. I , most defenetely, want that one! ……I was told I couldn't have it coz there weren't any in stock, but you have, you have this one, I want it. When can you deliver?

If you are British, it so sounded like a whole episode of Little Britain. The next one would be *Computer says naaahhhhh…..* as many employees discussed how to go about this (this mad woman, who wants the display sofa). Result was, they made me pay another 30 quid,which I thought utterly ridiculous, but the alternative was to start from zero to buy another sofa…the cheapest we liked started at £995….that would be the price per person for us both to go to New York, Virgin flights, cool hotel + tickets to A Chorus Line on Broadway…..no sofa matches that.

I'm terribly tired, in excrutiating pain right now, as the flu adds to my everyday pain, and though the sofa issue has been sorted (well, lets wait till saturday for delivery before we shout victory, shall we? would my mother say….) I'm still pissed off. I was going to use this time at the computer to read my friends.

I miss you all, so much. I can stop thinking, all day, every time I stop to rest, that I never read Lindsay's book anymore, that I missed Robbie's most excrutiating time, should ve been there, that I don't know what my American daughter is up to, that I havent read any of Michelle's poems or listened to her music for ages, that the most I read of gorgeous Volonakis has been comments on my blog, Kristine, I wanted to be there to critise your sister in law, to read about your essays,Georgia, I have none to make me laugh outloud at night, My brilliant Goddess, Rachel, I wanna read you, coz through you I'm 20 years younger again, I laugh and feel with you… Iliask, who always brings me the news I m not so clever to find myself, who's passion and anger so matches mine for life, R G Ryan, who brings me those magic moments of everyday life in that corner of the world and with that some powerfull emotions, Carlissa, Ali,The Master's Bitch and Kirk (so, so miss you) and the JediAndy who (all three) can make me feel so good at times I can even forget pain…MusicChick2, who deserves a post alone for magically making our Christmas a brilliant one, Miss Scotch whom I am so much in debt with….all of you, Foxsy, Dee, Eudora, White Roses,The GeologistWoman, Fisgus (aiaiaiaiaiai MAS QUE SAUDADES!!!!!!!!!!!!!),The Blood Dragon, one of the most interesting gentlemen I have come across in the past year, ,Carmen (I think of you, I think cakes & courage!)…… I'm not gonna say if you are in my friends list blah blah, coz I have grown my friends's list somehow, so much, there are people I don't really remember why I clicked….but if I'm sending you this ( I rarely send posts) is because you are in my thoughts and you are one of those who have (and still does) helped my life to have a better quality…..

I will make time either later or tomorrow to come read, but just wanted you to know that you are part of my days, maybe we should organise a meeting in some middle point of the US, so I can meet you all…..

Now I m gonna go put my legs up and have a cup'o'tea……..


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