Persevera y Triunfaras….

I tried to translate this and it comes out something like *persevera and you will prevail* , which it doesn't sound quiet right to me. I n any case, if you insist and keep making an effort, you will succeed. I have achieved a couple of big time things these past couple of weeks….one of them is that I am not smoking inside the house anymore, which (taken the British weather at present and the amount of time I spend outside) means almost no smoking for me.

The second thing is the diet change (again). I got so depressed before Christmas that I not only had no energy to cook, I let pain take over, hunger follows, as many of you I'm sure know. The make over of our living room changed our energy and my mood, but going back to porridge and fruit 'n veg is another story….a very difficult one for me. Well, I have conquered in this one. I was able to get into my jeans and my snake (well, fake) troussers again, and my hands, though still non-steady for taking photographs as I would like them to be, at least do not wake up without sensation.

We haven't been turning the PC on though, and my energy levels haven't been able to strecht for writing. Right now my back and my hands are killing me, we still don't have the proper computer chair…. so I'm gonna go to bed, but before I would like to thank all of you who have been in touch with us somehow…..we were watching Oprah last night, we get the programs later than the US, I suppose, but she had Randy Pousch and Kris Karr…and I had read it all in Vox before…..not only that, but most things, those little things that make one's day, each and evryone of them have something that remind me of you, each of you in different ways,for different things…..

I'm tired and in pain right now, so, just in case it didn't come out the way I wanted it to….this just means I miss you guys…..a lot 🙂

Here are a few pics of our progress on the makeover, the sofa should be here on friday, I will try to come before that 🙂

Nite Nite


shaping up…..



whilst Gary (next door neighbor) helped with the wallpapering, we looked after the babies….



here is Sarita with Charlie, as the little one was asleep….

then there was our master piece, one night very late….



we finished the pelmet (and you can see how much I was eating….)



and, in case you are wondering, that was Sarita's reaction to Kate Bush……..



Liara colaborated too….



My daughter (the star), Gary and the almost finished product. The furniture is still all piled up in the middle (never anything to stop Sarita watching TV, as you have seen…) Thank God for B&Q's 90 days returns policy…..

Now serious, Nite Nite!

PS: after the spell check, the only mistake (English Grammar, of course…) in this post would be the *persevera*, which it was given to me by an online translator. Please do let me know if you stop any mistakes. Thanks!

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