How do you do it?????????

No, seriously… do you guy do it? The net thing, I mean…. I see my neighbors and friends have a hugd list of neighbors and friends, I see these same people adding more neighbors, writing some really brilliant stuff, commenting on us and many others (which means you have to read the other ppl's posts)…..

How do you do it?

I decided I would come today to post a happy post, we got the sofa today, the living room should be in order, I would have time to read my friends….but then this is me me we are talking about….nothing can ever be so simple in my life……

The sofa was delivered this morning. When I bullied Home Base into selling us the display one, they used all arguments available to them to make me give up the idea…all but one: the fact that the one we ordered was left hand and the display is right hand……We tried turning things around twice, still there isnt much space and I m deeply p***d off, but too tired to move it again. Plus Sarita is on her laziest of moods. Plus my friend Clare came over for dinner so I cooked, organized the dishwasher and cleaned my kitchen (not an easy task). I m falling appart.

Pain isn't nice. Anger neither. Not a nice combination. I better knock myself go sleep.

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