I’m travelling at the speed of light…..

…or my mind is. I have tried to come and write about the (many) events of the past month or so, but the day only has 24 hours, we were (well, actually still are) re-decorating; we have Mark(my carer, the Twit, whom we have re-nicknamed *the Absent Minded Proffesor*) here with us as Ara, my friend who introduced us, got fed up after 23 years of London and went back to Mexico and Mark was living at hers; my health wasn't in the best of shapes; my course wasn't exactly what I hoped for but still hyper interesting so I had to study; and, last but not least, 2 points:

One is the fact that my friend Marta, whom I met when I was 17 and remained friend through good and bad times, including me being the celestine in her marriage, is coming over with the family, Gabriel (hubbie) Jimena & Maira, 22 and 19 respectively, their daughters. They are only staying for 5 days, but still: one wants to recieve them with all the love possible, and takes some work when you are little me. These are the people we spend Christmas with when we are in Buenos Aires, my whole family has become theirs and theirs ours…..

Second was last week, not as nice though….I recieved a letter from Liz, my sister in law. A poison thing, 6 pages destyling so much venom I was wondering how did she survive even writing it….. I may talk about that some time, but I was able to see that day how far I have come from the days in which events like this would depress me and send me into crying fits…instead I tried to remain calm. Called Clem (who was Andy's friend even before we met, who has seen the whole process and remains our most dear friend) and together we decided that I was gonna show it to Sarita. Her desition was (though at first she wanted to go and break her aunt's neck) to leave them alone and forget they even exist….. fine with me.

So we are getting on with our lives.

I have been doing some exercises that the counseller gave me to deal with pain, and the more I do them, the more I think I need to get sorted the Tens Unit's sticky pads: it works much better than psychological exercises…sowwy 😦

I need to download some pics to show you how far we got with the makeover, there is some stuff at my Scrapblog, but will be posting some soon.

Thank you for sending me the notes to the ones who did: sometimes is the only way I can get to know what goes on in your lives….I havent had time to come and browse here….:(

Anyway, my mind allways travels faster than my hands could ever write, so I'm probably leaving out 50% of the stuff I wanted to write about, but just wanted to update as to not let it go completely….

I'll be back (like the Terminator….)

Refelctions (at Clare’s)

at Clare's, the night in which I finally decided to get even with technology and buy a GPS…after almost killing 3 taxi drivers.



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1 Response to I’m travelling at the speed of light…..

  1. iliask says:

    Oh, MrsPeel, sometimes I feel you are a true hero. You have to put with so much sh** every day: house, health condition, be a mother to your daughter, be a friend, study, etc..I hope that your re-decoration will work as fine as you want!

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