That’s what Friends are for…..

Encouraging, loving, truthfull, funny, intelligent, creative people. I have some friends, life time ones, those ones who wont tell you what you expect to hear, who would try to be there no matter what, who have shared life and given a shoulder to cry or an ear to listen, who have laughed together sharing happier times….I have some Friends, not many of these quality (or lenght of time shared) I admitt, but the few (10 people all together) that in my books tell the most amazing memories.

Since my operations went wrong (2003) and I had to stop working alltogether in the job that allowed me to travel to SouthAmerica every year, our sharing got a bit restricted, but hey, one thinks, call cards, emailing, msn's and skypes make it easier. We still miss that presence, so I have gone to extraordinary lenghts to travel.

Two weeks ago we add another chapter to our books: for 5 entire days Marta (whom I met when I was 17 and my mum kinda forced me to go work in an office) Gabriel (met through her that same year) and their daughters, Jimena and Mayra( 23 and 20 years old respectively) came to London and stayed in our place.

We keep writing good memories.

He cooked every single day, both breakfast and dinner, I had to convince them to let me in my own kitchen at least to put my dishwasher on (and in order to I told them if it broke they had to pay…. sterling pound is worth almost 7 Argentinian Pesos….), we sung and laughed and laughed a bit more, I drove to Abbey Road (first time in my almost 20 years in England, even though I live 10 minutes away), we cried terribly at 4 o clock in the morning the day left….

But these thing will be better reflected in the (many) photographs, which I have started already posting in Flickr and Scrapblog and I ll try to post here as I edit.

In the rest, life carrys on as (or almost) usual: Sarita is growing up so fast I have to make huge efforts to keep up (and mantein my *my mum is coller than yours* title), my health fluctuates(a bit too much, as you may have guessed by my absence), my money is too short, the weather in London is a joke….in not so many words: my glass is half full, I'm rich on Simple Abundance.




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One Response to That’s what Friends are for…..

  1. Fisgus says:

    Deve ter sido muito legal esses dias em companhia dos amigos, né?Espero que você receba outras tantas visitas boas assim!!!!:)

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