The Glass half full……

…can seem a pretty common phrase, like changing the crystal with which one looks at life (or some like that, don't know how to translate these things into English), but that's what I have done, and, guess what, is working.

Nothing has changed, though everything has changed.

I still wake up in pain, have days in which cannot think of moving outside, not even the house, but the bed….but then I have days in which I load myself with my old friend the Tramadol (and Damm it all!!!) and make things happen.

Truth to be said, I have never been one to give up on anything, but (also true) for the first year after the operations went wrong (we are talking about 2003) I would live with the feeling of battling and fighting with no achievement….

The past couple of years have been a learning curve. Lots of very positive results and some of it I have to credit a lot of people here in Vox who have been giving me constant encouragement or just the simple fact of sending me the posts they thought could mean something.

At this very moment Sarita is (on school holidays) finishing some baking in the kitchen (I'm not allowed in…) and I was trying to sort out the millions of pictures I haven't got time to post (my time at the computer is still limited), and we are waiting for someone who will come help us to finish putting up the lot of Ikea's shelves we bought on monday.

But today I received a post which I think I need to share, even if to have it recorded in here (my diary for Sarita, that was the reason I started this, after all) for the future… I am sure this beautifull, wise piece of writing can help us all in a very much needed train of thought…..the post is HERE, from the brilliant RG Ryan , whom I'm sure all of you know…..

I would like to extend on the subject, as I reckon there are a lot of people who say something which they are desperate to believe they are, but aren't, but my time is up and still, what RG wrote is true, even if  it has different shades of colour, depending on the crystal with which each one sees what they are saying…..

Confusing, could be, but isn't.

My glass is half full.

My health is half good.

My life is coming to (lets hope) half (I'll be 50 in september yay!!!)

The Simple Abundance is still feeling my household with light.

Thank You to everyone (you know who you are!)

Hearts n’ Roses



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