Life isn’t a Bitch……

……but a disgusting insect, at times.

I mean a bitch is a female dog, nice animal, and even if we go for the other meaning of Bitch….(either the kinky or the insulting one) Nope. Life is not a Bitch for e right now, but a cucaracha. The insect I despise the most.


I have been trying to get to the computer for some, what…..3 months? to post. Now every time I get here, is either a lot of 100 and something mails of which I have to reply to at least half, or my pictures need downloading and editing,or some strange something (like the Trojan Horse I discovered today when my anti virus scanned it) so when I get here I have no more energy or brain power, not to read my neighbors and friends, not to write all these stuff that has been going on in life, or the books I have been reading, or my (oh so, so so difficult!!!!!!!!!!) parenting problems.

My health isnt at it's best.

I had suicidal thoughts 2 weeks ago (only lasted for 5 hours though). Then I had murdering thoughts (those are still with me).

I'm not gonna promise I will come and read you guys this week coz every time I do so, is another 3 weeks of impediments (does such word exist in the Shaeksperean language?), so, whenever I get a breather, my body and mind are in syncro, I will.

But I miss you dearly. All of you.


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