Speaking from my heart (to Patricia Volonakis Davis)

If I was writing in Portuguese or Spanish, I would not start with a *Dear Patricia* , to us that sounds a bit like all official letters, in which they all call you *Dear Sir o Madam*…. So, I will start from my heart:


In the past couple of days I have been through some so intense emotions, and some of them came from your words, which, as a matter of fact, come always in perfect timing. There is no such thing as coincidence in life.

Your last reply tells me you are not so sure about taking the credit for my massive life change, so I will explain:

The credit to you in my deciding to go study to be able to get my message across (and be someone my daughter can be proud of again) has to do with the fact that, when I first started reading you, in many posts I gave a bit of a skeptical reply to the whole being able to help, by writing or taking actions…..

I would even take Iliask strenght and concern with the world's trouble as a show of his youth, and kept even telling him I was so disappointed (I was highly politically active aged 13 already,remember I grew up within both Argentina and Brazil's military dictatorship, most of my friends did not have the luck I had on being able to tell the tale now…) I kept telling him he would fall into reality, things like that…..

I wasn't really keen on reading people who purely would talk politics, because, though I know that there is no way one cannot *be interested in politics*, as everything from the cost of bread to flying going through feeling the petrol tank, my daughter's schooling, all is politics….but I was convinced there was nothing I could do, there was no point, my disappointment was huge, my faith in the system collapsed and together, I thought, swallowed me. 

until you came into my world.

Not only your posts, which had to do not only with politics, but so intelligently you would (like Brown Suga' said) weave all these things I had in my mind, the mothering, the woman, the lover, the daughter, the traveler, all these would fit in your words together with giving a message to act into the social context, and it was something I could understand.

you were the one who brought me out of another disappointment, my view of the internet as a good tool, I had given up to the idea of using  the good side of it…and then the day I had that horrendous, fateful consultant appointment in which I was humiliated, reduce to tears and left speechless in a situation where I should' ve been the one doing the talking…..

…when I was outside crying, waiting for the disabled taxi card people to arrive (I sounded so upset when I rung for the car, they ended up sending the ambulance), my thoughts started to concentrate in all the things you had spoke about, all your posts, all your support, all these marvelous words of encouragement…I decided then and there it was time to get out of lethargy.

I started the courses the week after. I m doing well, my GP spoke to the college and I'm not forced to work at everyone else's pace, but I have produced some good writing…I'm still working on it.

Of course there are other people who had an input, but the main inspiration and impact came from you. You spoke to my heart apart to my mind….

There are many people here who inspired me, and without their writing and, in some cases, their concern and support, I wouldn't have been able to get to where I am now….and in these I would have to include most of my friends in Vox…certainly they all know who they are, the ones who send me the posts that touch my heart, make my laugh or cry or wake up to some reality….

but here I am just explaining you, and giving you the huge hug I would give you were you physically nearer me….

Si, Amiga, el credito es todo suyo 🙂

Thank You,






Whatever the language, I'm honored to count you within my friends, and lucky to have found you in this troubled world… :) 

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