Being technology iliterate…..

…can prove to be a huge headache.

I spent the whole night awake, sitting here, as our computer seems to have explorer pages opening with all kind of advertising. harmless, I know, but when you have 18 pages opened at one time, the PC slows down and…well, you know the feeling (or maybe not, I know I'm not alone in this quest to understand the 21 century)

we bought an external hard drive, I have to connect it though, as we still haven't connected the paraphernalia I bought for Sarita before Xmas to have internet in her bedroom, on the old computer….

the guy @ Maplin ( sweety!) gave us some tips and I went and downloaded the Spybot S+D, run the scan, found 3 dangerous items, deleted them, and then I thought the problem would be solved: not. The pages continue to open. There was also the AOL Spyware thingy, (we have no AOL, this came with the PC) every time it run the scheduler it was impossible to use the PC… so I removed it. Problem now is: every time something wants to come in, the SpyBot asks me if I want to authorise the change….and, how on earth do I know if the Flash wotever update is gonna be something I need or not?

I have had, for over 6 or 7 months, a message that pops in my bottom bar, where the icons are, telling me that some important Java updates are ready to download….but I keep ignoring it…is that safe, I wonder? maybe some thing got into my PC and if I download it it could erase it all? I keep getting mails from everyone in Brazil alerting me to emails that I may recieve called *the invitation* , or terra cards or…whatever, you get the picture.

I know there was a Trojan Horse a couple of weeks ago, 2 days the AVG told me it had found it, but it didnt give me an option to heal or anything…. and after those 2 days it kept telling me that no threats have been found. It was around the same time that the explorer unwanted pages started….or was it because I went into a Scandinavian Cruises web site (I asumed it was safe, the advert was in the NUJ (national Union of Journalists) magazine, so I allowed the opo ups because it was the only way to see the cruise description… (the advertise it for £49 per person, which isnt true, they start at £55 and leave from Newcastle, where I would love to visit, but you gotta think another 50 quid each….)

Oh, I don't know.

I have to say, I miss Wokka in that aspect, he always kept the PC runing smoothly..


Techy Frustration





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