Very frustrating…..

….when you can't sort out something with your computer. I keep trying. I think I may have found a way to get rid of all these unwanted pages opening with adverts (not pop ups, they open even when I don't have explorer opened), after 3 days of trying. Before I achieve complete success, any attempt of trying to write is in vain.

For the record: things are calm, the weather is nice, shopping on Saturday and sunbathing outside (therefore over 200 pics in my Nikon awaiting my computer to be fixed!), and the only thing vaguely closer to any *emo* threat was Sarita asking for a pair of black converse all star trainers. I bought them, after all, I was crazy for them in my teens too. We laughed so much yesterday that she was unable to sleep until 2:30 am (of today)…no school today, of course. I ve just heard that Gordon Brown has appointed as a benefit adviser a guy who not only is a millionare banker (w*t*f* can this guy know about financial hardship?????) but also named David  Freud (yeah, oh yeah!) and, guess what?????

yes, you guessed right.

The guy says that -Is all in the mind…………

He may blame my mum for my having the prothesis inside the right leg, or for the *mistake* my surgeon made when they sitched up the leg the other way round….yes, it has to be my mum's fault…after all, she gave birth to me….


Will be back with more on this. I still have to slag off the people who are (allegedly, I say) campaigning against the car charges. Now I'm gonna go watch Dirt and CSI. Nothing like the US TV to get me in a better mood!

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