Life Through a Lens….

…and what a life.

I have been staying up late, and in doing s I am getting acquainted with the BBC's most amazing stuff. Last night was one of rediscovery. Of course I knew of Leibovitz. Who on this earth has not seen her Lennon's photographs, even us, to whom Rolling Stone meant a week salary, have seen most of the covers.

But little I knew of the life of this most amazing woman, photographer, mother and lover.

The program is HERE, on the BBC IPlayer.

(if you as little as like to look at photos, you should watch it. if you are interested in photography you should watch this, but, what am I talking about, most of you guys are in her neck of the wood anyway, and are probably wondering in which planet do I live…)

Now, in googling her to just having the pleasure of looking at her photographs, I found this other article. Is appauling how we still live in a world full of prejudice and hypocresy, in which editors, writers et all have the need to disguise the most beautifull thing in this life, love.


Back to my medication.

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