Stevie Wonder…..

…will be performing at the O2 arena. The tickets are £65, so I turn on my stereo and make a mental note of the fact that we'll be putting away the money,that'll be half of a European trip or some toward a beach holiday (though I have the strong feeling we're more likely to get a bitching holiday, the way this weather and our finances are going)

And today is another day in which I am so, so glad I was invited to blog in Vox: The Simple-Abundance thing again….

So today I'm Grateful for:

  • the fact that I have sorted out the advertising invasion in my computer, after 3 weeks of incessant search, adventurous learning and lack of sleep….
  • Notherngeek and R.G.Ryan, as without them I wouldn't have been able to sort it.
  • my friend Nikki
  • being able to buy an external hard drive (500G!!!), even though it means I ll spend another 3 sleepless weeks trying to figure out if the files are there or not…
  • My child, YouTube and Scrapblog.Oh, and Vox, of course.

So, here is Stevie. The video is in the last page, it will start playing when you get there (i think, and assuming you wanna watch this!). I couldn't figure out how to make it play all the time without stopping the pages rolling, so,here it is something I made for Sarita, I will also print and give it to her after the school play (in which she will be performing in a couple of weeks…)

by the way,is like 7am in the morning here in London…..

(and can someone please explain me the absurdity of grateful, beautiful, and all fully words in the English language spelling with one l, when the meaning is that something is FULL of…whatever?…….)


AS (blacks and whites)

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