Arrrggggghhhhh to technology! (now edited!)

I managed to crash my explorer, therefore spending 48 hs trying to fix the wrong thing.
Luckily a friend had installed Firefox a couple of years ago (I never used it since) and something (there is no such thing as coincidence in life) told me the day before yesterday, when I was deleting files and unused programs, not to get rid of Mozilla. It saved my life. So:

Squiggle, of you are reading, my darling: Huge Thank You.

I need to recover sleep now, have friends for dinner tomorrow, will write saturday!

On editing: We have a webcam. These pics are horrendous, but I ve been listening to these songs for the past week….he sung it then, how apropiate still today….maybe all these kids listening to Britney and Kyley should pay a visit to this album….
Anyway, if the song doesnt start, click on the lower right hand corner, the video is there, decreased in size, but enough to click and listen to the song….

Love is in Need of Love today……

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