Updating….(and my Scrapblog addiction)

I dont seem to be able to write lately. Maybe it has to do with the huge amount of events, and the stuff, emotions and thoughts that come with them. I will, I know, at some point, come and spill it all, but at this very moment my body doesnt want to syncronise with my mind…so I put it into images.
God knows the amount of money I will have to send when Scrapblog starts printing, because I will want a book for every year of them….and I had 70, I reckon, last year alone..
The beautty of it is that not only is free, -I made the silly mistake of paying for the SmileBox, which isn't as creative as Scrapblog, last year, not only it messed about with my Brussels pics, but I couldn't get through to them when things went wrong, when at Scrapblog they are so prompt not only to answer queries, but to listen patiently to each and every one of us- but also a lot more creative. In SmileBox you can only stick your pictures into the designs they have made, in Scrapblog they have themes, designs for people who would only want to stick their pics or videos, but you can start with a blank page and combine every little thing….I even found a way to stick the music I want….

If anyone is as mad as I am about their kids pictures, this is a very family orienteted site, the vibe is great, and there are some amazingly talented scrapbookers there, so here is where:


and now as to a brief update: we had our friends for dinner friday evening, it was great (oictures will show up at some point too), Sarita made pancakes for dessert, she willingly stood at the stove at 11:30 pm and flipped a couple for each of us (8 people all together!), and ended up folling asleep in the sofa.
We only woke up at 10 past 1 saturday, and couched potato ourselves until very late last night, watched tons of movies, Dr Who, some extraordinary people documentary, more movies, some disney channel, some music channels, more movies, all generously aided by the tapas left from friday dinner (they ate a lot, I cooked too much…) and the both of us miraculously woke up in time this morning to shower and (she) to school (me) to minor surgery.
I will write about this too, some other day.

I have to try catch up with updating my Flickr pics, but we take so many that sometimes not only is hard to have the energy to download them, but also gotta give my family some pace, as my mum has to go to my cousins computer to see them…
This last Scrapblog are picture if (probably) a couple of weeks ago.

Some Shopping trip

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One Response to Updating….(and my Scrapblog addiction)

  1. Carlisa says:

    Awww! You guys sound like you had a nice weekend, anyway. I want Sarita to make me some pancakes now! I'm jealous!

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