Breakfast in bed, recipie by Sarita

a couple of weeks ago (I think so, my mind is getting lost in time) I needed to eat breakfast in order to get out reasonably early and drive to the market to do some shopping, so I told sarita the night before.
As she usually brings me a coffee in the mornings, sometimes a couple of toasts or even scrambled eggs, this is what I was expecting…..instead, I was surprised by these:

Breakfast in bed, Sarita’s recipie (and cooking!)

….I ve just spoken to the Belkin people here in the UK, and a very nice (dutch!) guy said he will put the CD with the (bloody!) driver and software in the post today, free of charge. I made this last night whilst talking to the call center (in India!!) and to calm down my borderline nervous break down, so I thought, now that (at least for now, unless I dont get the CD on the post tomorrow) I'm almost happy, I share this with you guys….

I really, really wish I could go to sleep though…almost 10 am here and I just know I wont be able to (go back to sleep). Nikki, I miss you right now, more than ever.
I miss my mum & dad too, too early to call them though….
Ceji, get a fliping microphone for your computer, girl!!!!!!
it would do me a lot of good if I could talk to someone (not just anyone, but, you know, someone as in someone who can take my lunatic waving, non technologycal mind.
Oh well.
Thank God for Vox, Scrapblog & Flickr…..

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One Response to Breakfast in bed, recipie by Sarita

  1. Carlisa says:

    Hi Sweetheart! You're probably asleep by now (wow! I didn't realize there was such a big time difference- it's only 5:40am here! Anyway- the pics didn't come through (not for me anyway- said I needed an invitation) (((hugs)))

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