Frustration, desperation, and all those….

…feelings related to the powerless being of mine these last few weeks.
I would like to know why, oh why, is that in no ocassion or event, no even the most simple tasks I undertake in this life of mine, can ever anything go on without my having to put up so much of a fight before achieving it, therefore feeling exhausted on arrival.
And no, my dears, I am not talking about saving the world or even getting to the end of the month on a tight budget despite the fact of motherhood to an inminent teeanger (that was a slip pf the keyboard, but in these days in time, maybe we should call them teeangers…), nope.
I am talking about the simple fact that, after 12 hours of reckless (and tyring) fight with my computer, few (5 actually) calls to the Belkin support people (an 0845 number which is, I presume, located in India), I am still unable to install the USB adaptor in Sarita's computer.

At about 9pm (just before Roger had to go) after the first call we made, we established that I had to download some driver, from the Belkin site. It stayed, allegedly downloading) there for over 90 minutes….then I called again.
I was advised to (again) turn the firewall of, try explorer (the Firefox wouldn't install the router in my PC either…) and yup, it started downloading….only to be stuck at 3% (for 19 minutes).
I called them (again).
Close everything down, he says, start all over again, maybe the server is busy.
I did.
And again.
The time before last (after I turned the Firewall on again, replied some mail, turned it of again and tried again) it got to 35%….but no matter what: it wont download the full file.
This wouldn't be the end of it: I have to then (if I ever succeed downloading it) copy it to a disc, then take it to Sarita's PC. In the middle of all that I thought, maybe if I download the version 5….. it did, but then it wouldnt work in Sarita's PC, it was then that the (3rd, 4rth?) guy made me read (and this was so humiliating…I had to search for a magnifying glass all over) the something something ID in the actual adaptor. The version 4, he says, that s the one. But it doesn't want to download in my PC. Because it does in theirs. I know.
I'm now giving up and going to sleep. I wil probably call the UK number tomorrow and see if I can make them send me a CD with the driver. Still, I will have to wait…
Wouldn't it be lovely if I had enough money to go like:
Oh…not to worry, we can go buy a new computer all together, maybe a Mac, so all my friends will know what the heck to do with it…..
I'm borderlining tears, and I'm not ashamed to say it, write it, shout it to the world.
It isn't tha parenting thing or the fighting to make a better world that takes away my energy and make me fall appart,nope. It's things like this. Little, silly things. My pain is now taking over (of course, I'm nervous, p***d off big time,  forced my body into these two computers that, I'm sure, none would give a tenner for) so I'm gonna go sleep.

I hate technology. I hate it, I do.

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