About the not so Fair Lady….

I learn English through music, listening and reading, asking and asking a bit more, but the main was making comparisons and finding the many similarities the latin languages have with the Shakespearian one. Lets say, for example, the words that finish tion in English, correspond to the Spanish ion, the Portuguese ao…..like composition would be composicion in Spanish, composicao in Portuguese,and if you know a little bit about these languages you will find many more (examples). But what does the language has to do with justice?

Well, probably nothing, I just spent the night thinking about the word injustice, injusticia, and the vast practice of it in this, our fast and (now more than I can ever remember) violent world.
A few weeks ago I bought the paper (I almost never do) just because the front pages of ALL London ones had articles about the 16 deaths of teenagers in the 5 months gone of the year, most of them by stabbing. Last sunday a kid actor, Ben Kinsela , was murdered by other kids (funnily enough, in the venue where the London Fetish Fair ceased to be after a management change…I bet they wish now they stayed with the kinky lot, who had no incidents in years and years of monthly events, but that would've been of more interest to me a couple of years ago…) Last night all TV channels had some program about this, teenage violence.
I'm a mother to an almost teenage girl, and though we have a good relationship, good communication, I'm scared, very scared.

Then another issue, this not so scary as enraging, the fact that we can't find many things to be *in justice*, the fact that, the more the world advances in technology and (allegedly) knowdlege, the more difficult to find fairness, justice.
And I know in this one we are all together: why, oh why, does a footballer, an actor or a politicien earn millions when a teacher struggles to meet ends in the end of the month?
or any of us cannot send our children to the kind of education that would best suit them, for lack of money?
I know, I know.
But talking about polititien is that I come to the enraging issue:

*extracted from Journalist, NUJ's magazine, FatCat File, July 2008:

You'd think that being the boss of a city of seven million people would be a full time job, but no, Boris Jhonson is to recommence a weekly column for the Daily Telegraph, for a reported salary of £250,000. That is getting on for twice the £137,579 he will make heading the administration at City Hall*

Oh well.
Scared and angry, this is the way we are lately.
I could be writing about my last argument with the Twit or what a wonderful time we had 2 weeks ago friday or last saturday(we had people for dinner in both ocassions), or the new pains in my right leg, or my minor surgery last monday…but I think I will be leaving it for now. I am still (very much) scared and (very) angry.
My therapy is the photography and editing (but that also enrages me as I have no money to do the course I would love to do, which starts in september), so here is something I've made earlier….

Hats on

for my child!!!! 🙂

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