Our summer (and some Brazilian Music)

I had at least 3 folders of downloaded pictures from my Nikon I had to process, so, tired of listening to the same music files I have in my PC over and over again, I lately took to run YouTube in the back ground. I just type names of people of my past (people I worked with, people I went to bed with, people who were infamous when we were working together and are now big names) and ended up staying up late, very late, almost crying of Saudades , what you would translate as home sick kinda thing…..
I found bits and pieces of novelas, (Brazilian soap operas are a work of art, especially when Globo TV produces them) with their sound tracks, and one of the videos that took me to my mid 20's, to when I was fighting for a space in the carioca performing night, and made this.
The video is runing hiden in the first page, but as it has the translation in English I included a second page with only the video. The lyrics, well, the song overall may not be all that, but takes me back to a time that means a lot to me, wanted to show this to Sarita…..

Summer (and a bit of Brazilian Music)

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