the meaning of happiness…..

…fits a whole dictionary, to me, at the moment.

I decided to follow the marvelous Mrs Volonakis Davis 's advice and, instead of suffering for the general state of the world, or even the United Kingdom of Great Britain's system's unfairness, I took *the bull by the horns* like they say in Spanish, called my friend Clare and we sorted out enrolling for a digital photography course.

I had my reservations with this college, where I had previously started a course leading to fashion design, what I really wanted was to learn to cut patterns in order to make rubber clothing…..but ended up more ill than when I started. Not only the college was humongous and I had to walk miles to get to the classroom, but also there were no lifts, and lets not comment on the tutor. Overall, not a good experience.

But my friend Betty (the twins's mum) is doing some GCSE's here, she seemes happy enough, and sugested that I come have a look, as they went through a reform since I had my short lived passing through the building…oh well…

I'm at an state of the art library, in a state of the art computer, (they even have PCs AND Macs!!!), buit also everyone, from a (gorgeous) young boy at the outside door helping me in, to the librarian, passimng through the enrolment officers, all have a huge smile in their faces and….(this to me being vital) they listen

I'm now making some time waiting for Betty to finish her class, though I just register my mood which is, for a change, one of the best I had in a long time related to anything to do with dealing with the outside world. Sun is (intensely) shining out there, what else could I ask for?

[oh well, I can think of a huge list to write but, you know what I mean!!! 🙂 ]


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