Comings and Goings

I just (well earlier this morning, at 8:00 am) took Sarita to school with her (proudly self-packed) suitcase, they left at 8:30 to an adventure holiday center. She was so exited (the nearer we get to school, the faster my heart is beating! she says). They'll be doing kayaking, rafting and wall climbing, and, of course, a disco.
We were getting ready for this for a few months, and it isnt the first time she gies on a trip, but I can't avoid that feeling of missing my baby…..oh well, it's only for a couple of days.

On the other hand, on saturday we picked up at the Eurostar (brand new and gorgeous!!!) St Pancras Station my (no-longer virtual) friend Peggy . She is Australian, but was coming from France.
Peggy came into Scrapblog last november, and we started a nice chat, that passed onto email and then she gave us a call one day…we seemed to have the same views in so many things, the conversation flowing with laughter and reminicenses of the 60s and 70s, that when she mentioned she would be coming to London and arriving by Eurostar, I offered to pick her up, as it is only a very short drive for us, and Sarita's favourite area of the borough with the fabulous St Pancras hotel.
 We had a great time for a couple of days, the rest of her visit she dedicated to interview a second cousin of hers, where she was staying, as she is tracking down her family tree. As it happens (in a weird turn of the non coincidentional coincidences of this life), this second cousin of hers lives just a few blocks from us.
Not only did I gain a marvelous friend from my online world into my more concrete one, but also have gained another friend on this second cousin of hers: Rachel Cameron, an 84 years old lady, more lucid than I am (not yet 50!), an educator at the Royal Academy if Dance until a few years ago…a source of inspiration and amazement. Sarita fell in love with her imediately. I can see all of us shopping in Asda soon.. (they have electric scooters galore, you see).
I was amazed with her stories, here is something about her, if you are interested.

This kind of breaks my days as a recluse regarding internet internet people.

I got really disapointed with the online world by the begining of 2004, but then again, with the failing of my operations and my world crumbling in more ways than possible, I maybe should say I just git dissapointed with the world, period. But certainly was not, for a couple of years, keen on reading, viewing and (much less) meeting people from the net. Until Vox.
Some time in 2006 (it may be that it has been already 2 years, dont quiet remember) one of those net friends who had been to my place, cried over my shoulder and I in hers, laughed and talked till the wee hours and all that, reapeared into my life with an invitation to Vox.(funnily enough, she is no longer posting here or is part of my life, both the virtual or most concrete one) And I have posted about this more than once: I had tried to start a blog for Sarita to have in the future in at least 5 different sites……none which captivated me enough to come back.

Not only Vox was somewhere where I felt home, but after a few weeks I started to get interested in reading about other people, started my neighborhoiod and well, you know the rest.
But Peggy came through Scrapblog, why am I writing all this?
Well, I got to Scrapblog through another wonderful, marvelous virtual friend, someone whom, if the world was a fair place, should today have a brand new replaced knee.Now, we all know fair and our world are not well combining words, but hey….we keep praying for the NHSs and Medicares if the our world to improove.Yup, it's about her I'm talking about, the most musical of all chiks: our friend Denise, Musichick2 .

Denise created the Vox Group that allowed me to winge and moan, to find friends and understanding into my condition, she wrote to me in support, not only in Vox, but aldo took the time to write privately to my daughter to offer a friendly heart in a time in which I was having trouble communicating with her for reasons that escaped my control….she sent us the most beautiful Xmas presents….and she gave me Scrapblog, which in turn became a therapy and an oasis of simple, creative, supporting people, a free site without adverts or malicious people.
So this is in part a public Thank You and a bit of an apology for not having been there much lately for you, Denise.
We just want you to know how much we love you. (this from both Sarita and me)

There is something else about breaking my reclusion, someone I have been talking to, but that will be an entire post for some other time.

Note: only 2 spelling mistakes…yAy!!!


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