Yooowhoo for YouTube….

I've done it.
After several frustrated attempts to put something together, I got the grip.
My friend Tiane Rocha, from Scrapblog, told me about the Windows Movie maker. So I looked at it. It took a few attempts to get the how to make the photos last the song's time and stuff, but simple enough after I sorted that….only Windows makes you sign up with some video hosting people, which I then realized I didn't need, as YouTube asks you to upload from your computer….oh well.
This is nothing much, but at least I've done it.
I can see my dad's face when he sees it though….worth all my late nights.

Obrigada Tiane, nao poderia ter feito sem vc!!!!!

here it is,though it may not show yet as I dont think it's processed yet.
(it would be just my luck if this doesnt work!)

I was Touched by an Angel

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