…away, I' ve been.
My Australian visiting friend, Peggy,works with computers, and I have to say, she almost saved my life with a few things she twicked here and there in my PC. For a start, she updated my anti-virus, which was something I was lost on, and she showed me how to save all my Scrapblog files as JPGs without having to store them in my PC, but sending them straight to my external hard drive.
I wanted to have all these files in order to, mainly, print them, but there is the fact of my learning how to use the video maker, so I can start storing them in DVDs with nice music, and send them to my parents.

Sarita finished school yesterday, we had a huge fight on monday, because I'm loosing it as I haven't been well, my pain levels are out of the ordinary and she, well, you know….is a teenager (almost)….the tendency to leave a trail of clothes, shoes, sweet wrappings and general food paraphrenalia is unaviodable.
I get upset by having to bend over a lot to tidy up, I get upset on having to shout (in an annoying to non latin people increasing peech) for her to come help me from one room to another, lets say I'm getting upset a lot, so we argued in some strong and final terms.
I was determined to make her change her attitude because, as I keep telling her: I don't care about all the *teenager general behaviour psychological profiling*: I am not an average mum, we don't have an average relationship, we are friends beyond the mum-daughter thing and, most of all, she gets 99.9% of what she wants… I'm expecting a non average response, a friend's reaction, understanding and help. If these don't come fast into equation, I will soon either be restrained to a wheelchair and she will have to (really) look after me, or she'll be visiting my early grave, and no, I'm not exagerating, trust me.

Anyway, it kinda seems to have worked, at least I'm not having to call more than twice when I need something…we'll see.
Now here are some of the scrapblogs I have been making:

Blanco y Negro

this other one was done on a challenge, about music.
I loved Caetano in his early years, probably until the very early 90s….but I wont say this is one of my fav songs either….I like it, and serves to the purpose…..

London, London (Caetano Veloso)

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