I was in love with Anthony Bourdain…..

…for the full three days it took me to read one if his books:

Kitchen Confidential
Anthony Bourdain

Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly.

and I'm not kidding. Totally in love, starting by recognizing myself in the food experiences in early life, love growing by the minute as my laughter increased to each and every word written…..

I got the book for (yes, unbelievable) 20 pence in the library sale, and, like every other book I ended up loving to the core, I hesitated before I decided to bring it home. Nope, not stingy, just we are so short of space, I tend to buy books I most definitely know I want to possess….but one thing is for sure: I will be buying his other books, like, tomorrow.

This guy is great.

It's not like I ever harbored any thoughts of working for the food industry, I had my (tortuous) experiences as a dishwasher and waitress, in order to afford a carrier in music, and I knew always that, though I love cooking for myself and friends, and I learned how to by watching my mum and maternal grandma, there was no place in my heart for proffesionalising in that area.
I saw ,and still see, what my mum goes through since the early 90s, when my dad had to give up work, and she took the reins of the household by comercialising her (much loved, adored, I should say, by family and friends alike) arabig food.
She still does it, aged 72, and the presure is no joke, though she only cooks by order, I can't start to imagine what a restaurant kitchen'(much less a starred one)'s rithm could do to me. So, why has this book blown my brain in awe?

His writing is great, his love for food is great, his honesty is even greater.

You wont find inovative recipies or feed your family for a fiver, but you will be able to taste the oysters, to move from kitchen to kitchen from Princetown to NY city, to smile and frown, to laugh and (again) taste the food….
Kitchen Confidential does what it says in the tin: tells you what went on in the kitchens where Bourdain developed his carrier, and, as it happens he was born only 2 years before me, and I am a child of the Age of Aquarius, very word meant something to me. The likeness doesnt stop there: I share some of his experiences, though in different hemispheres, though in different proffesions….I could feel and, thanks to his brilliant writing style, live it in full blown colour. Great. Great. I can't think of any other word.
And he lives you hungry (literally) for more, so, as I said, I'm buying his other books tomorrow.
Here is another great thing about this guy: 3 of his other books are crime novels, a genre to which I have dedicated my passion for the past 10 years…..so, yes…great.

I went to his website , he is currently running a TV programme which I'm almost sure we dont get in the UK….shame, I would love to watch him in action.

So, that's it. For three entire days (I couldn't put the book down) I loved him passionately. The book is great and, as a plus, pain tends to take a back seat so, Thanks Tony, I loved you so much I may when I NY , even go against all my principales and book a table at Les Halles…. 🙂


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