Someone slap Jamelia…..

…for me, please. Pretty please?

I know I should probably be writing about something more meaningful, or even use this time to read my neighbors (I know I have been a very, very bad one, but you know, if you want me to read something, just send me the post, I will most defo read it that way….), but thing is, there are certain things that annoy me more than Boris being elected the Mayor of London. Ridiculous, you may think, but when it comes into who is a role model for my child, or what those role models decide to do with their *spare* time…..
OK, lets make some sense of this all.

We are on school holidays.
We are sitting here, me doing ant-ivirus scans, Sarita watching TV.
I have my back to the TV but the sound reaches me perfectly.
The TV is tuned on BBC three. (Have I ever said how much it annoys me that this is the only country in the world which makes you pay £130 a year (a bit over U$200) to watch TV? because of the BBC?)
A program is just starting, it's about hair extension. Fine, no probs about that, even I had them, and I have hair to give away…..
But, as the program develops, I m being made sick with the comments and the way the journalist is conducting the whole thing, and so I make the pertinent comments. Sarita either laughs with me or agrees, sometimes disagrees, sometimes only answers to my moaning or questions.
This time, to my…Who is this journalist? She is ridiculous?!
the answer is No journalist, ma, is Jamelia, you know, *Superstar* Jamelia?
And then I have a fit.
The program is still going as I type.

What, I ask you, is the problem with people wanting to sell their hair?
Why, I wonder, Jamelia talks and moans and gets shock to women not bothering to the fact that the hair could come from a dead person?
Why does she react like an act against human rights has been committed, to something that is purely a person's decision?
Why does she horrifies herself before a 14 years old Russian girl who is selling her hair because she wants the money?
She says: See? this is what I didn't want to see? this is what I' ve been fearing…..oh My God….
The girl explains (through an interpreter, the hair buyer who took Jamelia to Russia) that  I want the money for so and so, the hair will grow!
But no, Jamelia is still horrified, as if, instead of just selling her hair, this girl was offering to chop an arm or give a kidney away for money….

The whole thing makes me sick, not only because of the non existing journalism skills of Jamelia, but as to the injustice that this represents: there are zillions of people who want to do journalism, who study for it and embrace it as their profession….why is the BBC paying Jamelia to do a job that she cant perform? (well, at least)
They not only are paying for the program, more than likely they have paid for the travels too. She goes to Russia and India, as far as I have seen, maybe some other places.
I know there are far bigger injustices and unfairness in the working world than this one, I'm the very first one to shout that Teachers and Nurses should get footballers and Celebrities salaries and vice-versa, but this just happens to be on TV, now, and my child is watching it.
You are a singer, girl, go sing (you can at least try to get another hit!)
Leave journalism to journalists.


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