Brilliancy & Hope: part1

The tittle to this should be, actually there is not such a thing as coincidence in life, one of the phrases my father would hammer into our minds when growing up, and hey, did I discovered this is true? Yes, most definitely.

So, here I was, lying down in the sofa, with my (grounded for the rest of her holidays, I will eventually post about this too…) darling daughter, watching TV movies, eating £1.99 Somerfield's sushi and hurting, a lot, physically.
My right arm has been bothering me since…when…? probably thursday, when I went to bed with a bit of a pull in my shoulder, and woke up with excruciating pain from the base of my skull to my fingers, occasionally extending into my back. I wrote about this, I think, well, pain is still here, my doctor cannot see me until friday. (I saw her, I'm editing this as I couldn't finish it the other night, guess why? yup,pain.)

So, back to the important bit, here was I, drowning in tablets and thinking about something I wanted to write about, but not getting enough energy together to turn the computer on, when (with an ulterior motive, like switching to some Disney or Nickelodeon program, I'm sure) Sarita offers to turn the computer on for me….you have 102 pictures in the camera, you could download them, you are always complaining when you have to edit more than 100….or you could go on Vox, you always laugh and lift your spirits when you go on Vox…..
So she did.

Trillions of mails in my inbox. (I really wonder how people manage to answer mail, post blogs, edit pictures, post them, read friends and neighbors, AND find amazing stuff online….)
Amongst these were the two notifications from Vox which brought some tears to my heart (in the best possible way) flattered me endlessly, and, above all, gave me the strenght I have been digging for inside me the past 4 days.

One from Alex  , and when I go to read her post, I find myself mentioned as one of the 7 people she has chosen for the brilliance award……I almost fainted.
This is a greatly gifted young woman, who, amongst other qualities, is an editor (yes, my dear, I know you are not a book editor, you are a web editor…do I found a difference? not really, no! 🙂 and her mention for this means a world to me, at a time in which I'm questioning if I should carry one with the writing learning thing, given my lack of energy and …well, probably self confidence. Pain does that to me, renders me useless and it annoys me, appart from taking away a lot of creativity.
The Brilliance nomination thing rules that, if nominated, we post the award, and select another 7 people we consider brilliant….not an easy task here, given the fact that most of my neighbors are hugely talented writers, the task becomes a very, very difficult one indeed….
I will try, here is the award:
I m also delighted that the award is in Spanish.., well, it could be some other latin language but you know what I mean. Now to try find the 7 people, I have to say that I will agree with Alex on

at least a couple of them, most definitely on someone who is (I'm sure here) admired and read avidly by most of us, I'm talking about the One and Only, most marvelous Patricia Volonakis Davis .
This lady needs no introduction, if you have read her, you know why. If you haven't, get your fingers clickin' and do it…coz you are missing on one of the most fierce, beautiful, life changing writers on earth.

Another one I would have to mention and in here, again, agreeing with Alex, would be the NothernGeek , not only for his amazing capacity for multitasking, being always a step ahead and making people like us (completely and totally technology dumb!!!) even laugh with stuff we couldn't even imagined we would. He also comes into my aid every time I post some techie dilemma, though I cannot comment or be present most of the time in his blog…..

For the third I will get someone who also needs no intro to most of my friends here, 100% brilliant writer, this man can turn simple events of daily life into such beautiful writing, and even teach you a bit more about being a better person. Yup, that is the great priest of the Church of St Arbucks, Mr R.G. Ryan.

Another one I'm on agreement with Alex would have to be the one who *introduced me* to her: Iliask , a brilliant young man who has strenght and dreams, who doesn't give up and turns his voice into a tool. Brilliant Greek shoutings to the world….I wouldn't miss reading him either, if you aren't already….

There is someone who has touched my heart in such way that, even though (I know, I m baaaaddddd!) I hardly have
time to read him lately, when I do, it' worth every minute, every word, whatever he is writing about, he will either make me laugh out loud or provoke some thought, and his writing is so fresh, so strongly energetic that when I first read him I thought he was, maximum, a boy in his early 20s…. he writes with Cthulhu as his Copilot, Captain Kirk .

The next person is someone very new to Vox, not at all new in my life. She has written only a couple of posts here, but not only do I know this girl in the flesh, *real life*, in person,( whichever way you would like to put it) and have shared experiences that could blow your mind, but also I have read stuff that she has written in other places…so, lets hope she can spare time from her hubbie, job and general fighting for life to come and write more to your enjoyment…her name is Nikki , and she is most defo brilliant.

And here I have a problem coming to the last person, because I have more than another one I love reading, though the rules get you to nominate 7…..
I was gonna give this award back to Alex , but taken she has the award already, I will give this last one to a very, very special young lady who has the most beautiful poetry, the most amazing musical skills (her violin recordings in her blog are unmissable!!!), and the most amazing heart… (I hope life makes our lives cross in the flesh one day….!)
The last one I'm then giving to gorgeous Michelle .

To all of you:Invisible Sparks (my American Daughter!!!) Sweet Misery, RobbieDobbie, ShushNow, ArtzyCarmen, Kristine, Foxydee, Marie, Dee, Carlissa, Fisgus,Electric Firefly, UncagedBird, AmaDuende, The Special Agent Scoth (she is getting married yay!!!!) MusicChick2, JediAndy, AtomicApril,Catalina, Eudora, GeologyByotch, I know I havent been reading most of you, but I love each and every one of your blogs, each and everyone of you have made, in one way or another, my life a little bit more brilliant with your blogs (and in most of you's cases, your support)

So, that's it. Seven people. Seven Brilliant Blogs, as a matter of fact, the 21 other people I have mentioned above as adicional are also brilliant, they all show the hope Patricia talked about in (if not her last) one of her last posts.
To me, Alex gave me Hope and I enroled in the next term courses instead of giving up (was this close to) , and each of this almost 30 people have, at one time or another given me hope to carry on.Brilliant to be brilliant!!!!!
[hey Kirk, we are shiny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YaY!!!!! ;)]



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One Response to Brilliancy & Hope: part1

  1. northerngeek says:

    thank you…thank you….I'm glad that you really enjoy my sometimes goofy postings when I don't have anything serious to talk about..I also somehow missed the fact that Alex picked me as well…I had to go and make a quick posting before she kicked my ass…thats just terrible of me…again, thank you so much and I look forward to more postings from you. We would all like to know how your doing.

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