PS: I will make you Cry….

…..should be the warning into Cecelia Ahern's book-become-movie, or could be applied to my right arm pain which refuses to leave me for over 10 days now. Funnily enough, I have cried less with my body pain than we did with this movie….

A few days ago I was scanning our Virgin on demand for a comedy, as I have been in a verge of something provoked by intense, non-stop excrutiating pain and, though this service is (in my honest opinion) a rip off at £3.95 per movie, all our Blockbusters have disapeared….maybe they are owned by the Post Office? (well, you gotta be a Londoner, more to the point, a resident of the London Borough of Camden to understand our ironic pain here…)
Failing to find a comedy that was worth paying such an amount, we looked at the new releases, and there it was: PS: I Love You.

I knew about the Ahern girl as I had read one of her other books, Where Rainbows End, and, though I doubt in the begining that I could get to the end given the format (she writes emails to her sister and shares her msn convos with friends), I have to admit that I loved every minute after the first 3 pages and couldn't put the book down. Still, I wasn't prepared for what Hollywood had in store when translating her into the big screen…

Where Rainbows End
Cecelia Ahern

PS: I Love You is a 120 minutes movie: we cried (Sarita and I) for 115 minutes, solid, not a little bit ashamed. So, many sobs and a full roll of kitchen roll after, at 2:00 am in the morning, I was faced by my (still sobing) 12 years old daughter stomping about how unfair life is……

Still, I went onto reading another and I'm starting to think that, if I could translate my life experiences into a fiction thing, it may not end up that bad a product.
Thanks for the Memories also should have a warning, with her protagonist loosing her baby in the very first page…still, a beautiful reading, though this one was a less believable story to me….
(can we share memories through a blood transfution? a brain or heart transplant, maybe, but I would know after all the blood of others running into my veins through my life….)

Anyway, I'm only writing this because I cannot bring my brain to write about what I need to write, which are my thoughts about what Sarita's tastes, choices of activities and ideas in life… the context of what Patricia Volonakis wrote in this post about young people.

As I started to write twice and lost the post (due to, mainly, pain) I decided to

start a word document in which I know nothing (not the pain, not the cat having fleas, the £24 I had to spend at the animal hospital to take care of said fleas, not the shock I had when notified the vaccines boosters will cost me £65, not making dinner out of nothing after spending over £115 on groceries in a week) as I was saying,nothing will make the post disapear.

So, there.
A nice update into our holidays….oh, wait… I forgot to moan about the weather !….maybe instead I will keep the Simple Abundance theory which so, so much has helped me through the past year or so [curtsey of someone, I still am to discover who exactly, here in Vox 🙂 ], which may translate into the cloud and the silver lining….yeah, maybe I do that instead and tell you that an angel from Venezuela has come into our lives (what is it with me and mid 20's girls?) but that, I guess, makes another post too, and, as I said, pain and my being overwhelmed by credit crunch (they always find such names for the never ending oppression of the workers!) makes it difficult to concentrate and write about more serious thoughts.

Not that Cecelia isn't serious, no. Not only is she serious, she is very, very readable.

PS: She will, most definitely, make you cry.

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