A brief update…

Watching the series Extraordinary People, Channel 5 , was supposed to be an exercise to get Sarita to moan less and learn to appreciate the simple things we have, to realize how much we have, how lucky we are.
It worked, but also left me with this uncomfortable feeling when the words start to flow: pain has been a constant to the point of agony, waking me up an hour or so after I managed to sleep. I dislike sleeping tablets, but last night had to recur to the aid of Zopiclone.
Thing is, I feel really bad complaining about my little (compared with these Extraordinary People) problems.
So I'm not gonna. Lets just say that I havent been here, neither reading nor writting, because the pain in my right arm comes and goes, extends to my right leg, and I can't use the left one (no hip joint left)

Never mind.

I'm flirting with an IMac.
My 50th birthday is in two weeks, but if I do manage to get all that money together, priorities dont really lay on a computer. I need to sort out my financial situation, a scooter (like an electric wheelchair kinda thing) , we wanna travel, I want to do a course which costs more or less what the IMac costs…
Money doesn't get you happiness, but sure can buy a great deal towards it.

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