Life after 50…….

…..could be holding better days for me.

I was 50 years old last friday, and celebrated on saturday @ same pub where I had my 40th, with very beautiful people, fun had by all, lots of Brazilian food and lots, lots of drinking for me, which didn't happen in a long, long time….probably the past 3 years. It was great.

There has been lots going on in my life, and I have every day thought about how important should be that I come and write about it all, taking that I'm writing this for Sarita and the major stuff going on has to do with mothering and the fact that she is turning into a teenager….but my body has not been giving me a break, (oh, lots to write about that too, but I think I ll leave the medical issues for now), so time at the computer is limited.
But I didn't want to leave it too long, so I m gonna make a record of this whilst I'm still hyper on so much love and energy… was the most beautiful weekend in ages.

I m in the process of posting the pictures in Flickr, so I trust I ll be coming back when all that is done…….


Here is the start of it…….

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