….are something of a constant in my life.
Thank God for the fact that these days the subject becomes more legal, less harmful than some years ago. But they are a constant allright. I'm sure you ll have no trouble to guess: our new addiction is Wicked, the musical.
Thanks to the net we had some lazy time sitting here watching the many Elphabas and Glindas, the US's and the UK's, and we went on to some marvelous Wizard of Oz clips put together with Wicked music.
Sarita had no school today, and I was feeling terribly unwell, was unable to get out of bed until after 4 pm, that gave her time to search for enough YouTube' s Wicked material to keep us busy until a while ago, she just crashed in the sofa now and I'm just waiting for the antivirus scan to finish.

I should be writing a journal, reading my friends, my neighbors, but no. The new addiction has taken over. At least is something that keeo us both, mother and daughter, together. (as opposite the Girls of the Playboy Mansion or A Shot of Love with Tila Tequila…..two programs my daughter seems to, inexplicable to me, love)

Defying Gravity (Wicked, the musical)

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One Response to Addictions….

  1. Mikey says:

    I love Wicked too! Hope you feel better! 🙂

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