Some different ways of pain…

…apart from the body one, have been inflicting serious suffering in my life.
The body one, with the weather getting worse and lack of physiotherapy (first because the girl was away, then because I had other hospital appointments), is at high levels right now, so I' ll try to make it brief (if such thing is possible with my typing verborragy)

We are almost booked to travel to SouthAmerica next European summer (which makes it winter on the other side), that means good bye, Tchau Tchau, Adieu, adios to my I Mac, my new carpet and our trip to Spain in October.
Thing is: we need to go. I will explain at certain point but, think about parents of 72 and 81 years old, my house in Trancoso being dealt with without my saying on anything, and the fact that the tickets are getting more and more expensive and I just happened to have the money now. The fact that one has to book it a year in advance isnt a happy one. The thought of the amount of stuff I could do (buy) with the price of the tickets is a very painful one.
Pain. Suffering. Again.

My photography course which was due to start last night didn't, it got posponed until next week. Good thing I enroled with Clare,as they called her to notify, not me.
My Nikon main lens isn't working. Just like that, without falli8ng or anything, just stoped working on the automatic programs. I got a 3 year insurance which last till 2010 but….well, you know the drill: I called them. Now I have to wait for the packaging, send the camara back and they said it will take 14 days to get back to me, fixed.
I should start praying.

My right arm is giving me hell right now. It has been like this all day, despite the enormous amount of Tramadol ingested. And the computer, of course, makes it worse.
That is painful too.
Suffering. Again.

I had a quick look at my neighborhood the other night, and I had such a huge laugh with one of Marie's posts (too difficult to find the link, sorry) about the financial situation in the US and some company mergers (you gotta find it, trust me, is pure genius) that made me even more frustrated. Because I can't stay longer here, because I know if I stay I will hurt even more. And today has not been an easy one.
Pain. Serious pain.

Is allways like this, isn't it?
One has a glimpse of happiness, a light that shines you and then it comes all the bad stuff. Until something else, another glimpse of happiness. Until next time. But one has to get through. Oh well.

To try get out of the pain thoughts, and because I promised to do it, I got into my Scrapblog for Lu.
Here is what came out.

Lu in LOndon & Wicked

Georgia: I have been thinking of you non stop. Saw a gorgeous woman with a dog that even Sarita said looked like Annie. I miss you. Lots of huggzzz.

R.G: I fail to feel (or see) the marvelous life flowing in our St Arbucks here in London. You should make a trip, see if somehow the vibe changes. 🙂

Patricia: I'm buying your book, my darling 🙂 this week 🙂

Ceji: I'm a disaster, wanna call you but keep loosing your number. Love you dearly.

Everyone: I miss you,miss Vox, like crazy. Please send some good vibes to my right arm.

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