The Schmap Guide….

They contacted me through Flickr, to let me know that one of my pictures was slecetd on the pre selection for their London bits, and ask if I would like to allow it to be there in case of being selected.
It was one of Parliament Hill.
Of course I said yes, but never expected to be selected in the first place, didn't think it would go, but it did.

I tried to post the widget but nothing appeared on screen (thanks Snowy for leting me know!)
So I'm posting the links she sent me on email:

As I'm in a foul mood because of an argument with Sarita earlier and my huge amount of pain + tablets I had to take between last night and today, + the fact that none seemed to be available to talk to me this afternoon when I couldn't stop crying and the pain made it imposible to come to the computer, I'm just gonna leave it as it is for now. If you are reading and by chance have the answer (of how I can have this permanently in my blog) just let me know.

I just thought I better paste this now, or it would be left for later and I would not wanna write later, as it has been happening since last Christmas, when I stop journaling, because it was just too much to describe everything that was happening, and then it was a huge effort to try remember.
The medication doesnt help with the writing either.
But I want to do the journaling thing. When I started here the whole point was to write for Sarita to have it in the future. I know how important it was to me that my parents kept some of my diaries and all memorabilia they could get their hands of from when I was performing. I know how much she loves having the videos and the pictures from she was little. I also know that writing here has helped me enormously. Even if none reads, the fact that I leave it all in *paper* is like taking a bit of the weight that life is throwing in my shoulders.
No need to say how much beautty the people I have met in Vox have added to my life, but….
I'm up and down a lot, lately.

Thing is: entering menopause at the same time your daughter is entering adolescense isn't easy.

I'm depressed today. I have to admit.
But it's turning into anger, so I better watch it.

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