The Y Factor

So we do watch it, yes, The X Factor.(this would be American Idol to you, people of the USA, the Simon Cowell one) I'm not ashamed to assume. The auditions are the most hilarious thing happening in British TV apart from Mock the Week (that deserves an award, even in my most depressive days I can be heard laughing maniacally out loud at 3 am on the reruns of this on DaveTV), and once the selection is completed is interesting to watch the whole battle, more between the judges than the contestants themselves.

Now yesterday I heard something which explains well my biggest disappointment with the state of the youth in this world. This is a very generalized thing, of course, I know there are thousands (well, probably millions) of young people out there who are intelligent, sensible and expect something from their lives. As a matter of fact there are a lot here in Vox. Yes, I know.
But as a mother to a soon to be teenager daughter, as I see the changes, I keep wondering (and, me being me, moaning, of course)

So, back to The X Factor.
Contestants selected are auditioning further, now in some luxurious surroundings, depending of which judge they get as mentor. We are talking Barbados, Ireland, some places of the US.
In between performances, we get the (sometimes oh so annoying) presentors asking some (very) obvious questions.

So, how much you want this? Do you really, really want it?

NO, you moron, these people have queued for over 20 hours to drop an application, same again to go for excrutiating auditions(note the plural here, they go for at least 2 before what we see as the initial one), subjected to nerve wrecking scrutiny and risk to be insulted, all for the sake of television. Lets not forget the million quid contract and promise of a singing carrier….nah, they are just here coz they got tired of queuing at the dole office (social security thingy, to the non Brits)

And here we come to what generated my disapointment, followed by a conversation with my (12 years old) daughter who was (in vain) trying to make me understand that, apparently, that's the way the things are now in the world

Girl's gonna go in front of the judges. Presentor comes with -doh- question: How much she wants  this. Girl procceeds to give an account of her existential projection of the future:

Oh, yes, I do, I do, more than anything in life. You know I work in a restaurant, don't ya?, well, in the restaurant I take the booking for these people, I see them coming and having posh dinner, having that life of celebrity and luxury. So, you see? I don't wanna be taking the bookings for them, I wanna be the one who goes for dinner, the one who has THAT LIFE. So, when I go now in there to sing the song, whilst I sing the song I'm gonna be thinking of that, the life I ll be having and the life I will be giving my family, oh yeah, I do want that…..

Errrrmmm…..excuse me?
What happened to I want to sing, music is my life?

I remember when I started. I had to go to school and had a non music related job, only to be able to sing. As a matter of fact, for the first few years I had to work in many different jobs only to be able to afford singing, not earning a single coin for the gigs. But we were happy, we were making music.

There is also the general answer to the presentor question of what happens if you don't get through:

I'll be devasteted, mate, this is my last chance, this will open the door, I cannot go back to my job, I have to get through otherwise I have no chance of a carrier in music….

What happened to old learning, going to classes, attending auditions, starting from the begining?

Same thing seems to be happening with a lot of areas in life, professions that were a question of passion have now turned into a millionary making machine thing. Have a look at football: most of Brazilian kids used to say their goal in life was to be like Pele, and not because of his life status, nope, they wanted to play like him.
These days the answer turns into I can be paid millions and go to live in Europe. (well, half of Brazil is here ilegally anyway, but hey)
Kids want to be famous, for what? doesn't matter what. They wanna be famous and have money.

Don't get me wrong: I absolutely LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE money, big time.
But the thought of what's going on in general in this world is scary. Especially if you are a single parent to a soon to be teenager: what we are against is huge.

Thank God there are still people like me [oh well, lots of people would disagree on that 😉 ]
We are The Y Factor people. We question why, and try to make our children question too.

I know this may sound a small, relatively non important issue if compared with the huge unfairness going on around the world, but if you are a single parent of a teen, if you had, have aspirations in life of the intelligent, spiritual kind, you'll agree with me that is it something to be prepared for.
I want to be able to show Sarita how much fullfillment one can get from art, from creating or executing art, how much beautty one can get from someone who is satisfied with our work, I want my child to want to go places in life for reasons other than purely money.
And it isn't easy, you know.
I can't get her to read, sometimes the arguments we have are to do with the love for materialistic things, you have heard it all before,I wont go on on this one.

But I am not giving up.

BTW: the girl? the one on The X Factor? works in a restaurant?
Right: so much was she thinking in the life of luxury and spending she would get if she won, that she sang appaulingly bad……   

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