Staying Alive….

….and, apparently, still with a bit of a kick.
Started the new college course today, a digital photography one.I had to stay in bed till 16:30hs, took 3 lots of meds and ate little, but I made it through the 3 hours.

Wasn't sure about the tutor at first, but then again, I'm used to my Jornalism classes, experienced teachers, older than this guy too…he is nice and has a sense of humor, if a bit tainted by the fact that (I wasn't the only one who saw this) he was a bit nervous.

The group is nice, a range of people of all ages and nationalities, it may be a good thing.

My Nikon main lens is broken, it wont work on the automatic programs, and I'm in rage with the Currys people who made me pay an insurance of £79 for 3 years, called *Whatever Happens*….but I called them last week, tuesday, they said would send the packaging, then a courrier, then I would get the camara in full working order, only none of this happened.
No packaging, the courrier who came couldnt speak English, so I'm not even sure he was from them, no contact at all and, when I attempt to call them on friday, their system was down.
So it was on saturday.
So it was today.

Not only that, and they refuse to do call backs (is an 0870 number), but the girl who spoke to me today put the phone down on me when I said I was a free lance writer for the disabled community of my area and I intended to write something….I'm gonna contact Watchdog anyway.

I also have a clinic tomorrow at miday, so I better go to bed…..

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