Turning 50 * record*

I was 50 on september 5th. We celebrated on the 6th, the saturday,@ the same pub where my 40th party was, a pub across the road where we used to live. Here is the invite, and the pictures from the party, which I wouldn't have put together if my good friend Clare didn't insist.
I'm pleased, oh so pleased, that you did insist.
We had a great time.

The Invitation (my 50th birthday party)

this invite was sent by email to some, printed and handed to others.

and now the party:

The Party (my 50th birthday)

I came to post these as my anti virus scan hadn't finished.
I'm hoping I ll get some rest now….

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2 Responses to Turning 50 * record*

  1. Mark says:

    Welcome! It is not so dreadful here (Aug 2).

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