My mother was right….

…about everything.
You'll see when you have your own children, she said.
I'm seeing, mum. Sorry, so sorry about banging doors and shouting and ….well, all that.

But I apologised to my mum long time ago for things like that, I think I was 23 when we, laughing our heads of, with my dad, when I lived in Rio, all three of us after coming back from the beach, remembering stuff from my teens. As a matter of fact she apologised first that day, then I said sorry too.
We could laugh, and look back with laughter is a good thing when you have to apologise.

She also was right about the crying thing.
I cry, with everything.
I cry with House tonight, the episode where Joel Grey is terminally ill and Cameron (we assume) eutanases him.
I cry often these days.

I'm having trouble establishing a normal sleeping pattern, that is because of my meds, but that gives me an awful lot of time to think. I keep thinking, and I keep coming to the same conclusion: my mum was so right.

I'm worried about Sarita and her changing.
I suppose it is something she will have to go through, is about the rebelion, even if there was nothing to antagonise I think she would find it.  I'm too tired right now to expand on this, but I'll come back to it.

I started reading my neighbors but the PC is dead slow, so I ll come back tomorrow.
Now I'm gonna go read in bed.
Yes, you guessed right.
I'm reading Wicked.

Oh well, now as an officially old person (according to my daughter!) I can have obsessions.

(I was also gonna do a spell check, but the computer is too slow for that too….g'niite)

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