Joys of Parenting….

My child is 12, so, technically, not a teen yet. She is, though, in her mind, in her wishes, in her behaviour.
And this behaviour we all know, in one way or another. And of this behaviour one of the expected must is the shouting, the confrontation.
It has been going on for decades.
The slang may change. Words though, remain the same, as do the feelings.

For the first time in our (somehow blessed) lives, she said it.

I Hate You!!!!!

and here I have (again) my mum to thank. Because I remember saying to my mother, loud and clear and, worse of all, I remember feeling it deeply at times. So, I know it is something it has to happen. As I was saying last night, rebelion will take place, well, is happening now.
I think I was being optimist when I kept telling my friends (and myself, constantly) that we have a different relationship, we are friends, Sarita and I.
Well, I don't think it makes a difference.
It doesn't make a difference because when I disagree to anything now, being that the purchase of a £10 hand bag (we have so many, fabulous, amazing, even a couple of Prada ones, as I get them from my cousin's wife, this gorgeous woman who recycles everything into us,lucky buggers) or the denaying of a trip to Oxford St with some 15 years old girls (remember, she is 12), the sleepover on a school day or a quid pop from the ice cream van…..she will throw a tantrum and bang doors.

I need to buy a new computer. I'm tired, in pain, run out of cigarrettes.
It could be a lot worse, so I'm gonna try go to sleep unaided (I hate sleeping pils)

On the other hand, I have this good feeling, mainly because I keep thinking that, if my mother and I survived my teens
and came to this point in life (she is 72) with a caring, marvelously loving relationship, mine with Sarita is, if anything, even stronger based.
The other reason I have a really good feeling is because I have, in the past few days, found some amazingly talented people, both here in Vox and in Flickr. And talent is such a good therapy for the soul, being the written word, music or images….

Oh …..and I  cried with Grey's Anatomy tonight. The episode in which Meredith takes her mum's ashes and ends up with the chief washing them out in the scrubbing sink…..


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