Mornington Crescent…(something about photography)

Mornington Crescent…, originally uploaded by SaritaAndMe.

..has always been a pasion of mine.
When I was young (er), I wanted to study,the reason it didn't happen was mainly because of the cost of it in the 70s, but along my life I have always taken lots of pictures, though due to the gipsy quality of mine, not all have survived in my possesion, but I have documented quiet a good part of my travels and experiences.
When I met Sarita's dad, we shared this picture mania.
Needless to say, Sarita's life is well documented.
I only got a digital camera in 2005, when I realized that it would be more cost effective and simpler, and then again, I knew how to use a computer by then….

When I got my Nikon DSLR,I borrowed some books from the library to get a bit more aquainted with features, as I seem to be totally dumb about reading the instructions manual. The books frustrated me, and I thought back to the times when Wokka showed me the most of what I know of working pictures in PS…then decided to go for a course.
I can learn if someone shows me, and my friend Clare also wanted to go for it, so we did.Started last week.
I felt a bit unsure about the tutor, he seemed nervous and a bit lost about how to deal with a class, but hey, I thought, everyone has to have a first time at things, so I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and went back yesterday.

Well… say that my friend Clare left before the middle of the class because she had a bad day in general and couldn't deal with him (or get him, as in understanding what was going on) it would be enough if you knew her. But you don't, so I ll explain a bit more:
I think the word would be *unestructured* and therfore a mess, therefore a waist of time (at least for me)
He is a nice guy and, for what I ve seen, he is a good photographer, but lots of people make this mistake: to think that, because you are gifted at some trade or another, some profession or skill, you can teach it……that's far from the truth.
I learned it in my skin, when I taught English in Brazil.
I also know we aren't the only ones who feel that way.
So, I'm gonna go speak to the college, see if I can go to another group or get my money back.

Today I went to the dentist, tomorrow I have to take the car for a service, so I wasn't having a good day. I had to get in bed at 16:30 after the dentist, with my face the size of a Bahian frog, shivering cold. When I felt a bit better I got the computer, as I'm trying to get the cheapest price and see if we can go to SouthAmerica next year.
No improvement there, the Jourmey Latin America, which should have the best prices, doesn't. So, still, I wasn't in a good mood.

And then I got in my Flickr….and all these awards and invitations to groups are showering. That's a nice, nice thing to happen in a day like today. Not only because encourages me into my skills, but also because of the pool of beautty and talent one submerges in with these groups.
I felt especially great because this pic, one of the most awarded, I took from my car, when I got a sandwich to eat before going to College. I did touch it in PS, but that was another achievement, as I learned another tool (on my very own!) last night.

There is one drawback to all these group invites and compliments…it is hard, time consuming, because one has to comment in others, and preferably use the group codes when doing so.
I got so dizzy that I didn't know what I had posted in which group!
I would like to know how people do to be able to write blogs, read other blogs, comment in (many) other blogs, post pictures, comments in (many) other pictures etc, etc, etc.
Most of these people have jobs, children.
I asked Cinnamon Girl, the one person whom I owe not only the btterness of my pictures but also the tagging,the groups thing….she lead me beautifully into the road of Flickr. :), so I asked her: is there a way to post to many groups in one go?
Nah, she said, Flickr is, my dear, hard work!!!!!
Oh well, I'm gonna leave now (unfortunately without having time to read my neighbors!) because the taking the car to the service tomorrow will be hard work too.
Just to keep the record: Sarita and I are having a quiet, peaceful time. Here is my prayer for this to continue. Eu sei que Deus e Pae.

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