some serious headache….

…in trying to work this computer out.

don't get me wrong, it's a wonder, it s the most beautiful, amazingly gorgeous thing you could ever imagine….but when you are past a certain age, have some health trouble and are medicated, things aren't as easy.
but that does not really present the problem: Sarita has dealt with Garage band in school and has a general knowledge of how to do most of basics…but we are stuck.
First of all our router, which had never been very good, not sure of it's because is old or what, but both computers keep going on and off line, some pages have the cannot find the server message.
But that I have sorted by ordering a router through my provider, we'll see then.
The main problem right now is that we are stuck into using applications.
Sarita spent a long time last night recording her first podcast, but this morning we decided she would write it down first, then record it…needless to say, I was over the moon.
From Girls of the PlayBoy Mansion and America's Next Top Model to reading, writing and performing something in front of the computer, not forgetting she spent some time in Garage Band and composed some nice tune….a mother's heaven (well, maybe a mother like me's heaven)
But when she wanted to post the clip here, she can't.
We can't.
We called Clem, but when it comes to drag it into the iMovies it wont go.
She recorded this in PhotoBooth, and then after 3 hours of trying she gave up and is now (surprise) watching tele.
I kept trying.
It keeps telling me use the import option but no import option nowhere.
I tried copy and paste but that does not work either.
The Apple Stores have this one 2 one thing, but not only it costs £79, but also it spreads into a year, once a week.
If it'll take us a year to learn how to use this thing, I'm not sure….
I tried searching on the support online but, as the router isn't working properly, I gave up that too.
There s also the fact that, when we first started the computer and clicked on mail, it asked some stuff and ended up taking over my yahoo mail, so if I wanna look into my mail in the yahoo page I can't, and I ended up having to separate junk mail and erase lots, still cannot find some folders of my yahoo, I am NOT a happy bunny right now.
If anyone has any sugestions (Robbie I'm thinking of you here, as you seem to have mastered the recording into Vox!)
I'm here.
I m gonna go see if I can set up the iChat.
Headache is bombing my skull.
I cam back to post this, as trying to get rid of my headache I went in search of the only thing that does it appart from sleep:
it would be selfish not to share
Pra Rua me Levar….

Ana Carolina & Seu Jorge.

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