Introducing My Funny Bunny….

As a few of you guys may have already know, Sarita decided to start her blog here again.
She has included some of you as friends, the people she hears me talk about the most, the ones she has read your blogs together with me, she has chosen herself.

The posts that are in her blog right now are from January, I think, as we still are finding our way through the iMac, but mainly because the router we have is not very good, it keeps getting the Mac offline, but we are getting a new router from the IP, so in a few days you will be watching the PodCasts she is doing.

Though there is no obligation, of course, if you could take a minute or two to comment you will be helping me by encouraging her on this quest….I am terribly proud of her in many aspects, but one that was worrying me a lot lately was the fact that she spent hours watching TV, and not the most of cultural programmes….
Since we got the iMac, she has been writing, recording her little films and editing them, and also playing with Garage Band, which, I'm sure you will agree: 100% times better than watching the Girls of the PlayBoy Mansion….

So, I know most of you are very busy, but I also know you are the ones who have come in my recue when I most needed a word…so, at least in the begining, when I wouldn't like her to blog publicly, if you guys could make a comment in order for her to keep doing this, I'll be eternally grateful 🙂

We still have this (I'm, of course, writing from our PC!!! she took over the Mac) as I'm trying to get all the old files from an even older PC into our external hard drive, that's also one of the reasons I have not been online.

I'm off to try sleep, as all the little aches and pains I have at separate times of the day are now attacking me at once!

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One Response to Introducing My Funny Bunny….

  1. uncagedbird says:

    Cool. Always up to share with someone new. Welcome!

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