The best Harlot’s Sauce, ever…..

…an extremely delightful experience for all senses.

Though, I must confess, only at page 13, I had to come over to share this with the world.
And yes, you guessed right, I'm talking about our divine Patricia Volonakis Davis's book, which I received earlier this morning and have immediately fallen in love with, from the very first page.
In these, (though very few) first pages I have already laughed out (very) loud, shed a bit of a tear and smiled in recognition of events.
And be aware, we are not the same generation, we did NOT grow up in the same country, as a matter of fact, we did in the very opposite parts of the Americas, she in the North ones, myself in the Southest as my story actually begins in Argentina, so this book doesn't captivate only the ones who may have lived similar experiences , futhermore: I'm sure Miss Volonakis Davis will reach every little corner of this earth, thus making every one of us a richer, happier and more understanding person.
But to you here in Vox I sure need not have to advertise it, as we are blessed by her magical, yet so down to earth writing very often.
So I'm off to read more, not only for my very own personal delight, but also because I would like to honestly be able to write in all the languages I'm capable of in order to get the world reading.
Another admission to make: couldn't buy it at first as Amazon came back telling me there were no funds left in my card (is a PayAsYouGo), had to resource and get a friend to buy it for me, and, as I'm reading Son of a Witch (a continuation of Wicked) I honestly did not think I would dive straight away on this.
But I did.
It's Halloween today. A very important day for Sarita so we should be getting out for some last minute shopping, but I wont for now. I'm going to keep dunking my bread in this, the best Harlot Sauce I have tried, ever.
PS: I'm writing from my bed, comfy, snuggled in the covers, heating on, in our new iMac!!!!!!!! yAy!!!! 
      it is so, so cold in London…….

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One Response to The best Harlot’s Sauce, ever…..

  1. Toe-Knee says:

    I'm nearly done my copy. It's such an excellent read. I'll be posting my praises of it once I'm finished.

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