Halloween: a peculiar kind of Evil…..

…has made it's way into my day (saturday).

But lets start from the beginning, which brings me to almost 2 months ago.
We don't do Halloween in SouthAmerica.
Sarita started getting acquainted with the concept of Trick or Treat when she was 5, in 2001 when we came back to England and moved into this place. We live in a council estate, but as beautiful one as it goes, and, though the adults aren't precisely a kind and neighborly community, the children have always been in and out of our place, most of them would come play in the communal gardens in front of our balcony because here we had cookies, cakes, juice and face paint. Yup, I was the official make up artist of the estate for the first few years.
So, for over 7 years the kids here do the Trick or Treating thing, never a problem, as a matter of fact I know of neighbours, even outside the estate, who look forward to this date, even people who have very grown up kids. They are just nice people who have seen these children growing up.
When deciding what do wear, a couple of months ago, Sarita mentioned she would invite Georgia, her best friend in school (whom, I have recently learned, nobody in the class likes and my child defends), but Georgia's mum thinks Trick or Treating is begging, Could you tell her we are going to the cinema or something?


I know this kid's mum, she is a nice girl, very early 40s, English, with a nice family structure and another daughter from a previous marriage, no longer with Georgia father either, so I know what she goes through. I would not lie, says I, but I can't explain that here is safe and maybe she will let her…
She did.
So, when I was invited by Patty & Hugo to this amazingly great party, I had to say no.
I wont go too much into it but last night I was the make up artist, the dress up helper, the pacifier and organizer, as Lauren was here from Hemel Hempstead (she used to live next door, moved when Nora, her mum, died).
Later in the night I would have to act as the psychologist too, when Lauren saw Sarita s blog and started crying because Sarita wrote that her mum died….I most defitely wont go into that one.
Off they go, and in I go next door, Charlie was having his 3rd birthday party.
I had a glass of wine, and another.
And another.
On the third one I remembered I hardly had anything to eat, so I stopped, but not everyone has my will power and alcohol concious mind: they were plastered.
So, in the balcony, the scenario was lots of drunk people remembering Nora and ….I was green.
Green, I was Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West (hey, SouthAmerica IS west of the UK, isnt it?)
I couldn't cry, I was green.
I suspect I wasn't the only green thing on the night.
Something happened today and Sarita suddenly started throwing up, she was very sick from 9pm until 1 am, I helped her out, I bathed her, gave her water, cleaned her again, made the bed so she could sleep in my bedroom, so luckily, she was here when waking up being sick again.
I know, they eat lots of sweets.
Why isn't that I cannot take away from my head the eyes of a particular girl who was there, next door, last night, as I was talking to one of the boys about what s going on in my life at the moment?
and I haven't even talked to my mum yet, she ll rant about the Evil Eye and the necessity of NOT talking about stuff.
Anyway, she is asleep now, Thank God.
Frightfully Delightful Halloween 2008

Here is Me as Elphaba, probably not the most favouring photos but I couldn't ruin the Nikon with green make up greasy paint, I look fat and old but maybe that 's the way I'm looking lately?
Who cares, not me, npt right now, I had a great time !
Just hope Sarita wakes up well tomorrow.

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