A hard day’s night…

…but I cannot go to sleep yet, as I have some casserole which needs to cook until 2am, so, I came to this computer and found it asleep (the iMac), and when I woke it up, it was on Sarita's last post  , as she left it…..and I had to smile.

She has been driving me lunatic lately, but if I am to compare with other kids around us…. anyway.
Congratulations USA.
I have to say, Sarita came back from school saying that most of the kids are talking about it saying that he will get shot ….. I had to advise her not to comment about that in Ceji's last post, as we would not want to water the party, but it got me thinking….
As I have said many times, I know little about the politics of the USA, but I know Lula wouldn't have been my candidate either, still, I have to admit that he has made big time changes, got Brasil out of some of the worse mess I had seen in years….and that, the job of leadership of a country as big and diverse in many issues as Brazil is…not an easy job.
So, like Ceji said: it is not something that the USA will see changing in days or months, but I'm quiet confident that, if allowed to work hard, Obama may be for the US what Lula has been for Brazil…
Last night I finished Patricia's book, bit I'll wait to write about it after all this election frenzy has calmed down a bit…

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