The Road is Red

or Amethyst Monroe has a dream.

This was a play written by Ruby Goldstein, resident writer at Sarita's school (she wrote all the other plays Sarita performed in too, like the Baden Powell). They mixed film with stage performance, and I had this pictures for quiet a while, I think the play was sometime in the end of june or beginning of July…
The other day I decided to post them in Flickr, but didn't think they were anything particularly apealling on their own, so here is what I did.
I found a group called The art of Pain in Flickr, and thinking that was some kinky thing (yeah, oh well…LOL) I went to see, and I was surprised by some amazing artists, people who produce some great stuff who also suffer from one condition or another.
One of the most amazing ones is a girl called PopCornFeet, I ll get around to post a link to her and some of her stuff, she does ACEO cards, very popular in the US…
Here is my digital art, the best therapy I have : Scrapblog 🙂
A dream

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