Some days, this feeling…..

…of being blessed, of having beautiful, simple things that make my life one of the most amazing things, despite the physical pain, despite the frustration that (some other times) comes with the side effects of that physical pain….

Some days I have this feeling.
Today has been one of those days, since early morning.
My sleep paterns are changed, have been so for a while now, as in my effort to be able to cook and help Sarita with homework and being able to share those hours after school, work out the new computer….I need to stay in bed in the morning, and, I have to admit, when you (well, I) read a lot, it is more than difficult not to give up onto the sleeping more. Especially if you are in England. Who in their right mind would not wanna go to sleep when your body is killing you in excrutiating pain and one look at the window above you show you this watery scenario?
Not me. I sleep.
So in the end I stay awake when my body is at it's best, and now we have a computer in my bedroom and am 80% more comfortable…sometimes my staying up goes onto 4 am.
So, this morning I woke up after 3 hours sleep to see Sarita off to school, we have coffee together, just I stay in bed.
Then I read a bit, after finishing Patricia's book I reasume my Son of a Witch.
As I'm starting the page, my cel rings:
*- Mae, look at the window….* 
There she was, waving and jumping up and down, throwing kisses at me, my child.
This beautiful child of mine who wants to wear make up and high heels, who wants to talk about the tattoo she will have when she is older, who makes plans about the sport car and the Land Rover she wants to give us….there she was, being a child, waving at mami from the road, on her way to school.
She does that often, but hadn't done for a while.
I felt proud and a tear or two went down, and this feeling of blessing was stronger than ever.
We have been getting lots of cheap DVDs from the local library, and, in our beautiful living room, redecorated by us around last Christmas/New Year , we cuddle up to watch and, most of the time, laugh out loud and do little sitting dances, some others cry like babies (or old women!).
This feeling again: despite all the financial turmoil, the difficulties in many areas of our lives, this feeling of being blessed, even as my body cries in an agony too complicated for words.
It is that Simple Abundance thing again.
And this afternoon something else brought the feeling.
I got, in the second post, R.G. Ryan 's book
I went straight to it, and, as I read, the feeling of being blessed by having met these people, (as I ve just finished reading Patricia's book too) the feeling of that Simple Abundance again.
I have to say: I had as a policy the no spending money in books. Why? as asked myself, Why pay money when London has one of the most marvelous library services, most of the books reviewed in the past year or so as the best I have read as a library loan…so, why pay?
But when I met these two, both Patricia and R.G., I knew I HAD to buy the books, because not only did I know I would love the book, but also I knew I had to contribute for these people to carry on writing….
I'm now really praying for ShushNow to get her book out. Here is a girl I would love to help in anyway possible. 
So there.
3 am in the morning here in London. I better go to sleep.
But I'm going to sleep with a really, really nice feeling in my heart.
Even if my body is at the opposite feeling.


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