The end of the week….

…end ends.

I am here with my mind wondering between the need for food and the need to eat less, with the fact that is now 4:23 am in London and I need to stay awake until 6:30, to see Sarita off to school, but cannot get my brain in gear to write anything that makes sense.
I wanted to write about Patricia's book, which I have now finished (shame, I so, so wanted more!!!) and write about R.G.'s book, which arrived a few days ago in the second post, after I had the previous night texted my friend Clare to hussle her into getting in touch with Amazon to see why wasn't I getting the item….and I'm delightedly reading now (almost finished too)
I can't concentrate very much in reading either, I tried to read my neighborhood, but my brain keeps going out of focus…I had to take an extra lot of meds as I had given my word that we would see High School Musical 3 today.
We did.
I still insist that the very first one was the best, but one has to admit: these kids are some amazingly talented teens.
I'm not sure I could've taken some of that coreography even in my best times on stage.
Anyway….I reckon I'm gonna need food if I am to stay awake. Problem is that, in order to get food I need to stand up, to get to the kitchen….maybe I have no energy left.
We ll see.

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One Response to The end of the week….

  1. You gotta' eat! 😦 Even if you just heat up some soup in the microwave. xo

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