Adam & Eve: where were they from?

I'm not one to post forwarded emails, and you probably have seen this before, but I ve just got it on my mail, in Portuguese, sent by a very good friend of mine. I had a laugh, so I transalted it (maybe not too well) and here it is:

Do you ever wondered what nationality Adam & Eve were?

A German guy, a French, an English and a Brazilian contemplate a painting of Adam & Eve in Paradise.

The German says:

"Look at the perfection of the bodies,she: esbelt, graciously sculptured, slender. He, athletic body,those perfectly profiled muscles….they have to be German.

Immediately, the French answers: 

"I don't believe so. Is evident the eroticism that transpires from both these figures…She, so feminine, He, so masculine…They know that soon the temptation will arrive…They have to be French."

Waving his head negatively, the English says:

"Absolutely not! Note the serenity of their faces, the delicate pose, the sobriety of the gesture….they can only be English"

After a few more seconds in silent contemplation, the Brazilian declares:

"I don't agree.

Watch closely: they have no clothing, no shoes, no house, they are in deep shit, thy only have one apple to eat.

But they don't complain, they are cheekely thinking of sex and, what's worse…they believe they are in Paradise…….

They can only be Brazilian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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