Books, films and….

…a baby shower.

that was today, the baby shower. the books and films have been all throigh the week, as I haven't been all that well, reading is flowing beautifully, together with my infra-red lamp which I found again after 6 months of looking for it, my tens unit and my heat pad.
both so amazing that I'm even thinking of breaking up the tradition of giving no Christmas presents to anyone, and get the whole list of my London's friends to read these two marvelous books, we'll see how much money I can get together, because I just sorted out tonight my money to buy the next Vox wonder: Shush Now's book, *Honest Conversations*
In the mean time, I m reading three books at the same time, plus the Mac OS X Leopard which I have for consultation. My bedside one is a (I think new) biography of Ken Russel, but not really a biography…. I'll have to write about this one later, as the more I read, the 

more I realized how my life was, one way or another, linked to England in so many ways in the far past, even when I kept saying for years I had never chosen or planned to live in this country…(which I honestly didn't), the art that populated my teens and twenties has most come from Great Britain…
but that would be an entire post, really, and my brain, though Sarita left me sleep until 4pm today, is not working it;s best right now.
The baby shower was of my darling Venezuelan neighbor, carer, helper, adopted daughter,

 etc, etc, and, though she lives only around the corner, we froze to dead to get there (and we took the car!!!) It is so, so cold in London. But it was god. More pictures to come.
We were the last ones to leave, and, at home, after the tacos eaten there and the cold process of getting home via BP petrol station, we just crashed fully clothed (meaning coats and all) in the sofa with two film alternatives: something based in an H.P. Lovecraft book or What Lies Beneath, Harrison Ford + Michelle Pfieffer. We decided for Pfeiffer as the other one will show tomorrow again, and I had seen a Scrapblog some time ago about this film…it was quiet good, though predictable.
And here I am, at almost 5am in the morning again, with my (oh, so, so beautiful!!!) iMac, which I am enjoying to the core.  I really need to download my Photoshop her though, as I have some work to do on some photos, but will have to wait until tomorrow (well, later).
I have just realized also that we are in the end of november, that I have not called my niece yesterday for her birthday (my brother lives in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, where the penguins are the most colourful company!) and have not yet decided what we will do for the most temerous holiday of the year for me since last: Christmas.
Will try to get some sleep.
Maybe some ideas would arrive when I wake up, and I have the prospect of some nice dinners to cook, parsnips and quorn sausages, King Edward and red Potatoes are within the stuff we bought on friday with some good recipies from the Morrison's magazine….and now I'm hungry.

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