Some DIY….

We started re decorating our living room last year, I'm not sure of we started before or after Xmas, I know we bought the sofa in the Home Base Boxing Day sale, we wouldn't have been able to pay for it full price, as I had dreamed a corner sofa for many years…..

The whole thing started because my friend Marta, from Buenos Aires, was gonna come over with the whole family (hubbie and two daughters) and I did not want them to go to a hotel. They would stay in London only for 5 days, and I knew that, given my current state of health, we wouldn't have seen much of each other otherwise.
But space presented some problems… so the initail desition was to get a sofa bed. When we found this at such price (from over £1200 reduced to £700) and saw the posibilities of creating a more than king size bed, Sarita had this idea:
to change the colour scheme, to move things a different way, as, according to my determined child, we were in need of a change of energy. 
So we cleaned, steamed (very) old wall paper which had been painted over and over again in the past, (the steamer also was reduced from £50 to £16.49) took screws out of the wall and therefore filled the (huge) holes with polifilla, had a bit of help from next door Gary, and carried on shaping it up during the year.
Now, almost a year on, I have been taking some pics as we are nearly done.
There were some problems on the way, like the fact that we ended up with a left armed sofa, though our project was based on a right armed one, but the delivery did not happen, they wanted to delay it all another 2 months and my friends were almost here…so…we convinced them to give us the show room one….
They presented to us each and every reason why we should not have it….all but the one we also did not think of: only to realize the day the delivery guy was setting the bits in our living room…. 
But, I have to say, we ended up with a much nicer room than what we had thought of, with the advantage of a proper dinning table and all….
Our next necessary project is to deal with the shed, then Sarita's bedroom, but, as money (or the lack of it) is now a huge problem, not even doing what we did for the living room would it be possible right now…
The living room, Sarita and I would like to thank Home Base, B&Q, Pound Stretcher and the 99pStore, plus some car boot sales of this past summer, for without them and their sales our cosy, much enjoyed now room wouldn't have been possible. Here are some pics.
Living Room DIY

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